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theophilusa's Journal

I once was lost but now I'm lying in a gutter. I like Oscar Wilde, Simon and Garfunkel, open minds that close on solid substances, being able to trust, forgetting about people's faults (but I'm not very good at it, especially not my own), laughing, colourful band-aids, babies, oh - I guess this is supposed to go in my interests' section. Oops!

ancient epistemology, aristotle's virtue ethics, babies, colourful band-aids, crucifixion, emptiness, epistemology, eschaton, forgiveness, hermeneutics, holiness, hope, hume, jesus, joy, kant, laughing, life, mercy, resurrection, salvation, skepticism, skiing, socrates and plato, study ibt, surfing, the basis of knowledge, the infinite regress problem, vital grace